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Brainobrain OMAN

About Brainobrain

Brainobrain is one of the world’s leading Skill Development Centre for children, having its Corporate Office in Chennai, India. Brainobrain Kids Academy Private Limited is an ISO 9001:2015 certified institution established in the year 2003, manned by professionals who are veterans with more than a decade of international experience in kids’ education and training. Brainobrain’s global presence has 925 centres in 37 countries.

Course Content

  • Abacus Mental Arithmetic
  • International NLP
  • Personality Analysis
  • Group Discussions & Role Plays
  • Good Habits & Etiquette
  • Vocabulary & Spelling Skills
  • Observation & Concentration Skills
  • Quick & Retentive Memory
  • Positive Belief System
  • Leadership Skills
  • Attitude Formation
  • Mental Gymnastics
  • Creative Art & Story Writing

Advanced Skill development Programme

  • For Children of age 4-14 Years
  • Each Level – 3 Months ; Total – 10 Levels
  • Total Duration – 30 Months
  • Weekly 2 Hours only
  • Daily practice of 15 Min. essential at home.

    Brainobrain's Winning Edge

  • World's Latest Kids-Friendly Syllabus
  • Competent, Trained, Certified & Committed Instructors
  • Quality Assessment through Regional & National Competitions

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Parent's Testimony

  • Brainobrain has helped in Escalation of concentration span + listening skills. Enhancement of overall personality. Increased interest in maths. She could visualize abacus and perform mental calculation. There has been an increase in speed of calculation as well. Her ability to concentrate has improved considerably.

    Parents of Shivani Sachin Nirgudkar, 8yrs.
  • He has improved his memory power. He can add very fast now campared to previous year. He can do addition, subtraction and multiplication easily. His concentration level has improved, all because of Brainobrain.

    Parents of Hrishikesh Sen, 10yrs.
  • Brainobrain has helped improve the knowledge level, handling the sums, tackling the tasks and solving the problems efficiently and effectively. Sharpness in mind blowing activites, very good attitude etc,. gets improved.

    Parents of Priadarshini, 7yrs.
  • Brainobrain has helped her to learnt to sit in one place and study, her concentration is good now. Her logical thinking has improved.

    Parents of Rajul Thadani, 7yrs.
  • His concentration span has improved as well his speed in doing his work/activity. Thanks to Brainobrain.

    Parents of Tushar Suresh, 7yrs
  • Brainobrain has helped improve his concentration, and also he has done better in maths this time.

    Parents of Aayush Jain, 10yrs.



Al Ghubra

Al Shaihani Building
#3 Apt #5 Near Indian School

Tel.: 24136677, 71176107



Wadi Kabir / Ruwi

Flat No.109, 1st Floor, Oman Arab Bank Building
Near Pencil Building

Tel.: 71516180



Opp.LULU's Parking Lot
Adjacent to Abu Imad Building Materlals
Flat #3, 1st Floor

Tel.: 71516183


Al Hail / Seeb

Muscat Furniture Building,
Flat #26, 2nd Floor,

Tel.: 2443 4780 / 90970730



Near Al Hambar Omanoil Petrol Station 
Opposite Orix Leasing Company, Brown Building, Flat 31

Tel.: 9143 6107